From our small workshop to everywhere in the world. Discover KATERINI.

KATERINI is a Romanian brand founded in 2014 by Ecaterina Colasîz. Since the beginning, the design would favor style with minimalist, elegant pieces, over passing trends.

Every accessory is designed and created in our workshop in Bucharest, by a small group of women. The elements we use are carefully chosen so they last long and the pieces are meant to be versatile and extremely wearable, a good investment.

Our aim is to combine good aesthetics with innovation. We launched Silver Lining in 2020, a collection of upcycled PET accessories, with the purpose of bringing consciousness in the community towards plastic pollution.

Our ambition is part of a wider vision. As creatives, we understand that our role is to inspire our community to be better, buy better and welcome the future.

Through her creations, through workshops, articles and speeches, Ecaterina managed to create and grow a brand that empowers women and makes them look BEAUTIFUL.